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name ak mcm yg korg bleh tgk kt atas tu.. tp kwn2 pggl ak (wani,raja,king)... pggl jela pape pn asalkn mmg name yg mak bpk ak bg... ak ni ore qelate..meh nk kecek kelate gak...huhu tp kot ade yg xfhm plak...so kna formal skit....skit je la..aharks~~ ak bljr lg... 4th year.. accounting ,uia.... em..kira2 ni bkn minat ak sbnrnye...tp tkdir.....ak trima la... tkdir yg menentukn pertemuan yg xdsngka,tkdir jua menentukn perpisahan.... aceceh..kuar lagu plak...aharks... keh chow lu! [:-bd]

Saturday, December 5, 2009


A love story. A guy had cancer n only had 30days left.He liked a girl working in a cd shop but neva told her about his love.Everyday he used to buy a cd just to spend some time wif her. After a month, he died. When da girl went in search for him.His mom told he died out of cancer. She took her to his room. Where she saw all da cds unopened,the girl starts crying.U guys know y???She had love letters for him inside the cd. BOTH LOVE BUT NEVER EXPRESSED.SO,MORAL OF DIZ STORY,IF U LUV SOME1,JUST SAY IT!!!DUN AFRAID TO KNOW HIS ANSWER…menyesal kmudian xde gnanye..huhu

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